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Mami Yagihara (八木原 舞美, Yagihara Mami) is a supporting character in Blue Flag. She is a girl that is within Toma Mita's group of friends and grows upset with his newfound interest in hanging out with Futaba Kuze and Taichi Ichinose instead of her. She is interested in Toma, but he does not reciprocates her affection.


Mami is a beautiful and popular girl with silky shoulder-length brown hair and she takes care of her appearance and posture, maintaining a rather calm character.

In Chapter 54, she grows out her hair and she now has bangs swept to the right side.


Despite how shallow Mami comes off initially, she turns out to be one of the most open-minded characters in the series.

She easily accepts her crush’s sexuality after Toma comes out to her, not showing any disgust or judgment towards him. During the school festival where her class runs a beauty salon, she points out that boys and girls can be friends without it turning into something sexual, and when Itachi and Kuze confront her about her sudden closeness with Taichi at the cafe. She also said that makeup can be used to enhance the features of anyone and not necessarily just women.

During the second semester of her final year, she genuinely seeks to change herself for the better and becomes friends with Taichi and Futaba and even Taichi’s ragtag group of friends Mon, Omega, and Yorkie.

When she realizes Masumi has a crush on Futaba but doesn’t intend to reveal her feelings, she even runs after her in an effort to comfort her.

History []

Mami had a huge crush on Toma before finding out he was gay, and was very open about it too.

Her best friends are Hasuda Shouko and Mochizuki Sayaka, but she’s almost always seen with Niimura Shingo and Kensuke. However, she often fights with Kensuke due to his rather misogynistic mindset and bad temper while she appreciates that Shingo treats her as a good friend regardless of her gender and does not treat her much differently than his male friends.

Post-timeskip Mami working as a makeup artist

In the post time skip, Mami now works as an MUA (makeup artist), pursuing her goals from high school.


  • The name Mami means "dance" (舞) (ma) and "beautiful" (美) (mi).
  • Mami's surname Yagihara means "eight" (八) (ya), "tree, wood" (木) (ki/gi) and "field, plain" (原) (hara).


  • Mami was quite experimental with her hairstyles when she was younger, even trying out a short spiky hairstyle.